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Hot Melt Adhesive Dispensing Systems – Hot Melt Services Ltd

Welcome to Hot Melt Services Ltd, specialists in the supply, installation and maintenance of hot melt adhesive dispensing systems throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

Centrally located in the East Midlands, we have over 25 years’ experience in the design, manufacture, installation and servicing of hot melt machines and are more than qualified to supply you with a tailored solution to meet your needs.

There are several services we offer including bespoke adhesive dispensing systems, “on” or “off-site” technical services, repair and maintenance work as well as the refurbishment of existing applicators. We also stock a broad range of hot melt machinery products such as hoses, pumps and tank units. Working with our manufacturing partners in Germany, we can also supply any spare parts that you may require.

A Leading Supplier Of Adhesive Systems...

The primary goal for our company is focused on striving to be the number one supplier of adhesive dispensing systems in the UK. We plan to achieve this goal by working together with our partners who serve the automotive, book binding, coating, over moulding, packaging and wood working industries with not only EVA equipment/machinery, but also with vast experience in the design and manufacture of bespoke systems for preparation and application of PUR hot melt.

Technical Service

Hot Melt Services Ltd provides Technical Services on Nordson, ITW/Dynatec, Melton and other Hot Melt Dispensing Equipment, including on and off site repairs and equipment refurbishment using fit for purpose compatible and genuine replacement parts.

Specialist refurbishment of PUR Hot Melt equipment such as Bulk Melters, Gear Pumps & Applicators including EB60 Style Edge Banding Applicators from Nordson.

Below is an example of a Nordson Bulk Melter Platen being put through the process of Cleaning and re-coating with non-stick surface treatment (also available for Hot Melt Tanks/Premelters), we also supply the Bulk Melter Seals, Heated hoses and refurbish all Gear Pumps with genuine Seals.

Below are some pictures from a Nordson Bulk Melter Platen and Gear before and after refurbishment.

Technical Service - Before
Technical Service - After
Technical Service - Before
Technical Service - After

Replacement Hot Melt Glue Hoses

We supply a range of replacement hot melt glue hoses compatible with the systems of leading manufacturers.

Most hoses are available off the shelf in a range of standard industry sizes for a quick delivery.

We can also make hoses to bespoke specifications, please get in touch for details.

Replacement compatible hoses for;

  • Nordson
  • Robatech
  • Meler
  • Melton
  • Dynatec
  • Preo
  • Bühnen
  • UES
  • Graco
  • ITW/Dynatec
  • Slautterback
  • HHS
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Replacement Hot Melt Glue Hoses

For more information about our hot melt adhesive dispensing systems, please contact Hot Melt Services Ltd today on telephone: 01509 889 511 /

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