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Hot Melt Equipment Servicing Worldwide

Hot Melt Equipment Servicing Worldwide

At Hot Melt Services Ltd we offer several ways to save your company money.

If you use hot melt adhesive application equipment and look closely at your maintenance spending, you’ll probably find that replacement parts for your hot melt systems are among your highest expenditures. We clean and refurbish all brands of hot melt glue equipment including Nordson, ITW/ Dynatec. You name it, we service it. Our services include, but are not limited to, Nordson hot melt tanks, Nordson hot melt hoses, Nordson hot melt guns, Nordson hot glue guns, Nordson modules, filters, Resurfacing Nordson pumps and Dies and Nordson nozzle tips. Our prices are very competitive and are often less than half the cost of new parts.

If you are a Nordson customer you know how much downtime and replacement Nordson modules is costing your business. We can help you by refurbishing your long clogged Nordson hoses, resurfacing your Nordson gear pumps, and rebuilding your Nordson or ITW/Dynatec hot melt modules. We rebuild Nordson speed coat and EP10 modules, and all other Blue series modules. We have a state of the art high speed tester that is capable of firing your rebuilt modules at 50+ times per second with food grade oil to make sure that when you install them on your production line they operate like brand new, but at half the cost!

Do you have equipment that needs to be repaired?

  • Clogged ITW or Nordson hoses or nozzles, Nordson hot melt guns that won’t heat, machines with error lights, Nordson modules that are stuck open or will not close.
  • We Offer:
  • Nordson module repair
  • Nordson pump repair
  • Nordson hose repair
  • Nordson melter repair
  • Nordson Gluer repair
  • Nordson EB-60 (Edge Banding Gun) repair
  • and 100's of other services that will get your line running strong with less downtime!
  • E-mail us and we will send you a quote on repairing your Nordson equipment or equipment from other manufacturers.

Other service we offer:

  • Equipment specification and purchasing assistance -- with over 25 years of hot melt experience, we know the strengths and weaknesses of the various OEMs, and can help you identify the highest value equipment that will meet your expectations.
  • Maintenance, user, and engineer-level training -- customised to your needs and available on a one, two, or three shift basis.
  • Nordson troubleshooting and repair at your facility -- on all equipment, including equipment no longer supported by an OEM.
  • We specialise in the servicing and repair of Nordson PUR Bulk systems including the Nordson BM200, BM20, Versa Drum, Dura Drum. If you are looking to upgrade from your old Nordson or ITW/Dynatec Bulk Melters we can help. Give us a call or send us an e-mail. We service Nordson Bulk Melters from all over the county. Call us with your application issues and we will help find a solution!

For more information about our hot melt adhesive dispensing systems, please contact Hot Melt Services Ltd today on telephone: 01509 889 511 /


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